You may have seen emails inviting you to attend conferences as a delegate for UNISON and you may have not paid too much attention because you thought it wasn’t something for you, but conferences are open to all members and are a great opportunity to meet with other like-minded members and share information and ideas.

UNISON has several conferences throughout the year which cover self-organised groups (Women, LGBT, Black Members, Disabled Members, Young Members and Retired Members) and service groups (Community, Local Government, Higher Education and Health). Every year in June, National Delegate Conference takes place, which pulls together all the motions from the other conferences and any additional ones submitted by branches.

There are also opportunities to attend seminars and regional conferences.

Download the information brochure below for more information about what would be expected of you as a delegate.

The Branch email members regularly about these conferences, but if you are interested please get in touch with the Branch Office for more information.  The Branch will take care of your travel and accommodation and will pay expenses, in return for attendance at conference and a report describing your experience.